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While Daventry Equine Appraisal Services is always available for individual scheduled appraisals, we will be available in the following locations on the dates listed below. If you are interested in having an appraisal done during the scheduled tour, or a private appraisal done on another date, please Contact Us directly.

2017 North American Appraisal Tour

6-9 Sacramento, California
14-15 Abbotsford, British Columbia
27-30 Portland, Oregon
3-6 Denver, Colorado
10-13 Detroit, Michigan & Toledo, Ohio
24-26 Abbotsford, British Columbia
10-12 White Rock, British Columbia
17-20 Chicago, Illinois
24-26 Denver, Colorado
1-2 Regina, Saskatchewan
8-9 Calgary, Alberta
27-30 Costa Mesa, California
12-16 Sacramento, California
22 Red Deer, Alberta
8 Ponoka, Alberta
30-July 2 Syracuse, New York
14-16 Seattle, Washington
1-4 Houston, Texas area
26-Oct. 1 Tulsa, Oklahoma
4 Winnipeg, Manitoba
24-28 Orlando, Florida

Practice Areas